San Antonio Junior Forum extends our thoughts and prayers to our sisters with Houston Junior Forum. Our hopes are that you and your families are safe during this difficult time.


It's the start of a new club year! Now is the perfect time to invite your friends and acquaintances to check out San Antonio Junior Forum. Consider all the reasons you are part of SAJF and share that passion with others! San Antonio Junior Forum is unlike any other Women's organization in that we don't support just one single cause, we reach out in many ways to make an impact in our community!

Our mission is to create awareness and offer educational, civic and philanthropic opportunities to our membership so we reach out to our community in three very distinctive ways.

  1. We provide interesting and diverse opportunities to volunteer in our community working with those with disabilities, the elderly, women and children in need, the military, even participating in promoting the arts. We are constantly expanding our volunteer projects to include those causes our members are passionate about.
  2. We support our local high school students that are seeking higher education through yearly scholarships. We realize that paying for college is one of the biggest deterents for our young people and we strive to help them reach their goals.
  3. We partner with other like minded non-profits, offering grants to help them achieve their goals in supporting our community. We especially consider those organizations that have a commitment to women and their families.

Join us at one of our monthly meetings to learn more! 

A few of our awesome Grant Recipients!

Spina Bifida Texas

The Ecumenical Center

Project Mend


 August Events

Sep 12, 2017    Board Meeting 6:30pm - 8:30pm Andrea Ruhl's home

Sep 11, 2017    Monday Bunco at Morningside Ministries 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Sep 19, 2017  General Meeting 6:30 - 8:00 pm  7803 Bur Oak Way (Diana's home) Convention                           meeting follows until 9pm                             


San Antonio Junior Forum

P.O. Box 781152
San Antonio, Texas 78278
Phone: 210-545-2187