Membership Requirements

  1. Members must be twenty-one (21) years of age or older who currently reside in the San Antonio area.
  2. Active members and Prospective members joining prior to December 1 will pay dues in the amount of $90 no later than May 31 for the club year beginning June 1 and ending May 31. Dues paid later June 1 will assess a $25 fee. Prospective members joining after January 1 but before the new club year shall pay $90 dues for the remainder of the current club year and the following club year.
  3. Prospective members will pay a processing fee of $30 which includes the cost of member training materials, SAJF shirt, and name tag.
  4. Active Members must attend a minimum of five (5) SAJF General Meetings. A member may purchase a meeting for $25 to meet the minimum requirement if necessary. A fundraising event may count as a general meeting.
  5. Active Members must perform a minimum of ten (10) community service hours on a minimum of two (2) SAJF sanctioned service projects.
  6. Active Members must work on at least one (1) Standing Committee.
  7. Active Members must work on at least one (1) Fundraising Sub-committee.
  8. Membership requirements must be fulfilled within the club year in order to maintain status as a member in good standing, as well as, keep voting privileges.

San Antonio Junior Forum

P.O. Box 781152
San Antonio, Texas 78278