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Special Thanks from our Grant Recipients



Thank you for supporting Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio.  Your recent grant award in the amount of $4,799.88 furthers our mission of inspiring youth, especially those who need us most, to achieve their fullest potential.

Annually, we seek to provide safe, engaging environments to over 3,000 youth per school year and 800 youth per summer between our six Clubhouses and 19 Extended Day Programming sites.  Together, we are empowering youth to build better tomorrows.  While our programming promotes education, health, and character development, oftentimes what our children need most is a listening ear, positive role model, and sense of equitable normalcy in their daily lives.

Your grant award ensures our community's children receive exactly what they need.

Thank you for selecting Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio as a charitable grant recipient.  Your generosity and belief in our mission directly benefits the members of our Clubs and will leave a lasting impact!

Ada Saenz

Chief Executive Officer

Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio



On behalf of Culturingua, thank you for your response to the increased needs in our community.  We truly appreciate the gift of $3,000 in support of fabric for our Sewing for Success program.

Your generosity provides valuable fabric resources required for the resettled immigrants and refugee program participants.  The women are genuinely excited and excelling with the professional instruction and culturally sensitive services they receive for sewing and English as a second language throughout the cohort.

We will never be able to adequately convey to you how your help has made it possible to maximize the lives of families of San Antonio through quality community and language programs.  Our work would be impossible without the assistance from people and organizations like you.

Nadia Mavrakis

Chief Executive Officer



On behalf of the children and families we serve, the San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind and Vision Impaired is so thankful for the San Antonio Junior Forum's grant award of $7,000 to purchase braille literacy technology for blind and vision impaired children and youth. Funds will be utilized only for the purposes for which they were granted. SALBVI will provide proof of purchase and recognize San Antonio Junior Forum publicly for your generous support of our children with vision loss.

San Antonio Junior Forum's continued support helps us give children access to the resources and tools they need to reach their fullest potential, affirming belief in their abilities while helping to build their self-confidence, inspire their imagination and promote their independence.  Thank you for your care and service to our children, their families, and to the many others you serve in the our community.

Julia Crowley

Grants Manager

San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind & Vision Impaired


On behalf of the Board of Directors of Restore Education, thank you once again for your gift of $4,000 to purchase High School Equivalency test vouchers for our GED students.  We agree to utilize this contribution for the purpose for which it was designated and to return any funds that remain unspent.

Since 2008, Restore Education has impacted the lives of more than 17,000 individuals and their families through a mission of restoring individuals' potential for success on their path to college and career through the transformative power of education.

Restore Education's proven model has helped our students consistently achieve the best GED graduation outcomes in a 13-county regional consortium.  Restore Education has 20-22 percent of students achieve their GED compared to a consortium average of 6-10 percent. Greater educational attainment directly impacts impacts unemployment and salary.  Since most of our students are parents and evidence of parental education levels directly correlating to that of their children, we know that increased educational attainment leads to intergenerational economic mobility.

You are helping not only change the lives of the individuals we serve but our community as a whole. Thank you for all you do. We are truly grateful.

Kelli G. Rhodes

President & CEO

Restore Education



On behalf of Haven for Hope and the nearly 1,600 individuals and families residing on our campus, thank you for San Antonio Junior Forum's grant of $2,500 which we received on April 11, 2023.  As stated in the grant application, your gift will be used in support of the health and safety of children experiencing homelessness by purchasing essential supplies needed for their safety and health.  We are deeply grateful for your generous grant and belief in providing hope and healing for our youngest residents.

At Haven, we believe in continuously seeking to serve others with radical compassion, a heart for service, and a spirit of innovation and excellence.  Our work based on these principles helps us provide the support our clients need to transform their lives and move beyond the experience of homelessness.  As one of our loyal donors, your support is critical and foundational to our efforts.  Without you, we simply could not meet our mission to offer a place of hope and new beginnings.  Thank you for believing in hope and making a difference in the loves of those experiencing homelessness.

Kim Jefferies

President & CEO

Haven for Hope


Thank you so much for awarding Respite Care of San Antonio a grant of $2,638 which was received on March 23, 2023.  Your generosity is instrumental in creating a well-appointed sensory area for the children we serve.

The support of the San Antonio Junior Forum will enable RCS to continue to provide an exemplary level of care.  In the last fiscal year alone, we provided 3,000 nights of care in our emergency shelter, 6,500 days of care in our developmental daycare, and 948 days of well-deserved respite for family members through our community programs!

Thank you for the incredible impact you are making on our children's lives and thank you for the support you have shown for our mission.

Rebecca Helterbrand

President & CEO

Respite Care


Thank you to San Antonio Junior Forum for your generous $1,000 gift in support of Lifetime's Recovery Links program.  Our services bridge a critical gap and are available to those who have no insurance, no financial means, or must rely on the safety net programs of the community.

Your commitment ensures we are here and available to every person who walk through our doors.  No one os ever turned away for lack of financial resources. Thank you for your compassion and dedication to our mission.  It is greatly appreciated.

David Phipps                     

President & CEO              

Lifetime Recovery


The San Antonio Food Bank is grateful for your continued partnership and support of the BackPack program.  Your $5,000 contribution for this school-based emergency food assistance program will serve vulnerable children in the San Antonio Community.

Your funding creates a direct line of defense against the continued food insecurity in communities served by the Food Bank.  With your ongoing support, the BackPack program continues to ensure that children are provided a lifeline that decreases their food insecurity over weekends and holidays.  We are proud to have the San Antonio Junior Forum as a partner in fighting hunger and feeding hope.  We look forward to working with you well into the future.

Eric Cooper

President  & CEO

San Antonio Food Bank




On behalf of our mission and the 203 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities we serve each year, we want to thank you for the generous donation from the San Antonio Junior Forum made in support of the SAM Room for our Vicar Street location!  Your generosity ensures that our participants continue to receive the best care possible!

Again, on behalf of the staff and board, but especially on behalf of those we serve, we want to thank you for this generous gift.  With friends like the SAJF, we will continue to provide a place of comfort and hope to individuals with IDD in the San Antonio community.  We are honored to have you as a partner in our mission.

John Schwab

Executive Director

Reaching Maximum Independence


Dear San Antonio Junior Forum,

Thank you so much for your generous donation to Kinetic Kids in support of sports and recreational programs for children with special needs.  Because of your generosity, my daughter Elizabeth is able to compete in swimming and track and field.  She even went to Junior Nationals in Denver this past summer and broke a few records for her classification. Thank you for helping make her dreams come true!

Andrea Wade

Parent of 13 year-old Kinetic Kid 


"On behalf of us all at the CUCF, we are so thankful for you and the members of SAJF.  It is indeed an impactful event, with each story rich and unique.  And what you and the others who attended experienced - the reflection on life, experiences, and choices - is what THE SIX is all about.  We see this response on a smaller, more intimate scale with the participants of our Cancer Chronicles writing retreat.  It's the power of writing your story and then sharing it with others.  As my Louisiana daddy used to say, "Everyone has a story.  You need to only listen, it could change your life."

The Saturday matinee and evening performances went very well and, thanks to the generous grant from the SAJF, we will now have it available in a video format!  One copy is reserved for the SAJF.  Especially at the Saturday evening performance, there were indeed some beautiful moments that were especially touching for the honorees.  It's great that we can now share it with you as well as others in the community.

Again, on behalf of the Curtain Up Cancer Foundation, so many thanks to you and the members of the San Antonio Junior Forum.  Because of you all, we are able to meet our mission.  To ease the effects of cancer through the creative arts."

Have a blessed day!

Mary Helen Mays

Executive Director

Curtain Up Cancer Foundation



"Shout-Out to San Antonio Junior Forum for a generous grant in support o our Horse Power for Children Program.  These funds will go towards therapy horse care, program equipment and program supplies.  Thank you. Thank you.  Thank you!'

"Everyone at Triple H is so grateful for the $5,000 SAJF grant.  Y'all do so much good in the community, and we are honored to be a grant recipient.

Please share our "Thank You" with all of the wonderful women in SAJF."

Yours truly,

Ginger Eways

Executive Director

Triple H Equitherapy



"On behalf of Special Olympics Texas athletes, thank you for your generous support of $1,250 this past year.  It will truly make a difference in the lives of children with intellectual disabilities this fall in the San Antonio area.

The past couple of years have been challenging due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  It especially affected our athletes who often felt isolated and depressed.  Our virtual program, SO Connected, helped bridge the loneliness gap for the athletes, but now that we've slowly made our way back to in-person sports and other impactful programs, we see a lot of smiles!

Fall and winter are just around the corner and you, members of the Junior Forum, family members, and friends are cordially invited to attend any of our upcoming events.  Check out for dates, times and locations  ... and please help us cheer our athletes on!"

With thanks,

Lynne Holmquist

Special Olympics

Grant Writer



"On behalf of the Board of Directors, the staff, volunteers, and our clients I would like to thank the San Antonio Junior Forum for their generous gift of $2,470.08 towards the purchase of steel toe work shoes".

"Our clients seek employment in a variety of occupations, and some require specific clothing and footwear.  We have had several requests for steel toe work shoes over the last twelve months, in fact we have a client currently who is in need.  The timing of your donation could not be more perfect.  We will now be able to provide her what she needs in order for her to stay employed in the postion she desires".

"Again, thank you for your generosity.  We look forward to collaborating with the San Antonio Junior Forum in the future".

Michael Pursley

Executive Director

Dress for Success San Antonio



"Kinetic Kids is so thankful for the $2,500 from the San Antonio Junior Forum!  Lives are changing because of your support and belief in what we do and who we serve!'

"Children who never dreamed of dancing, playing instruments, singing and performing are doing EXACTLY that and we thank you for helping".

Kacey Wenli

Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director

Kinetic Kids



"Thank you for your kind-hearted donation to the children of Respite Care of San Antonio".

"The funds provided by the San Antonio Junior Forum were used to purchase compression clothing, vests, blankets, and a changing table for the children of Davidson Respite House and our Developmental Daycare center.  The compression items will benefit the children by improving posture and providing a sense of calm.  These effects are especially realized in those with Autism and other neurological disabilities".

"We are extremely grateful for your continued support of the children at Respite Care".

Larry Mejia

CEO & President

Respite Care of San Antonio



"All of us at Sunshine Cottage would like to express our sincere thanks for your gracious gift to help us purchase a Spot Eye Screener". This vision screener is an incredibly valuable tool in helping detect risk factors for poor vision in our students.  Thank you for believing in us and our mission and everything our school has to offer".

The Sunshine Cottage Family

Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children



"On behalf of over 2,100 Restore Education students and their families, thank you for your generous contribution of $3,250 to support HSE Test Vouchers.  Your investment will go a long way in providing a brighter future for our students, their children, and our city".

Kelli Rhodes

President & CEO

Restore Education



"It was wonderful to meet you and the dedicated members of the San Antonio Junior Forum during your visit on Tuesday May 3rd!  We couldn't be more grateful for the support received from your organization to support the seniors in need of our services".

"Your gift of $3,899.00 on May 3, 2022 to support Meals on Wheels San Antonio's Comfy Casas service, will help ensure seniors may remain safe in their homes with the purchase and installation of remote and carbon monoxide alarms".

"Many of our seniors live in hazardous living conditions and lack the financial and physical capacity to ensure their safety in the event of a fire or natural disaster.  Because of generous organizations like yours, we can prevent life-threatening situations that can keep our seniors safe in their homes".

"Thank you for choosing to make a difference.  We couldn't do it without you!!!"

Vinsen Faris

Chief Executive Officer

Meals on Wheels San Antonio



"The world sees little faces.  Small hands and feet.  Smiles and wide-eyed wonder.  We see future programmers, artists, engineers and scientists.  Through your gift to The DoSeum, you are increasing access to joyful learning for these young explorers and playing an exciting role in shaping the future of our City".

Anne-Marie Camosy Murray

Associate Director of Engagement

The DoSeum



"The San Antonio Food Bank is grateful for its partnership with San Antonio Junior Forum.  Your contribution of $5,000 for the BackPack program, a school-based emergency food assistance partnership, will serve a vulnerable segment of the San Antonio community".

"Food should not be an impossible choice, and your funding is indispensable in generating a direct line of defense against food insecurity in the communities served by the Food Bank.  With your support, the BackPack program will ensure that children are provided a lifeline that decreases their food insecurity over weekends, or holidays.  We are proud to have the San Antonio Junior Forum as a partner in fighting hunger and feeding hope.  We look forward to working with you well into the future".

Eric Cooper

President and CEO



"On behalf of the RMHC of San Antonio, please accept our sincere appreciation for awarding a grant in the amount of $2,500.00 to Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Antonio.  We appreciate your ongoing financial support, as well as your support of our families.  Your donation is being used to stock our pantry and carry out our mission to provide safe, temporary housing for children and their families while they undergo critical, life-saving treatments at local hospitals."

Pat Bivin

Executive Director

Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Antonio, Inc.



"Thank you for feeding HOPE San Antonio Junior Forum!  Time Dollar is grateful to the San Antonio Junior Forum for their 2019-2020 grant to pay cost sharing fees to the San Antonio Food Bank.  Their grant has made it possible for us to pay for  food supplies for almost four months.  Time Dollar relies on volunteers, grants, in-kind and financial donations to provide food to those that access our Time Dollar Community Table food pantry."

Silbia Esparza

Executive Director

San Antonio Time Dollar Community Connections



"The Ecumenical Center would like to thank you for your support of Building Leaders Together - A Program for Girls and Their Mothers.  Something interesting that came up while asking for registration for this program was that we had several fathers, who are legal guardians, ask to be included in the program.  This led us to investigate materials for Fathers and Daughters with the thought to offer a future workshop for Dads and Daughters."

Mary Beth Fisk

CEO/Executive Director

The Ecumenical Center for Education, Counseling and Health




"Thank you so much for your support of Alpha Home in 2019.  Look at the difference we are making together with families in our city:  served 978 clients and impacted 2050 children last year, 74,890 counseling and education hours provided to clients, $799,000 Wellness Center savings to the community, 100% clients left residential care and went to stable housing, which allows them to return to work.  We are forever grateful for your kind and generous support!"

Meredith Erickson


Alpha Home



"Thank you for your generous donation(s) to Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio, Inc. during the calendar year of 2019.  These are tough economic times so we are especially humbled by your generosity.  The financial support you provided was much needed and used with full attention to good stewardship.  During the past 43 years, Habitat has built over 1,128 homes in San Antonio (47 of those in 2019!).  This important work could not continue without the help and support of people like you!  We appreciate your gifts as we continue to build modest, decent, affordable homes in partnership with low income families in need of a special blessing."

Habitat for Humanity



"Thank you for helping children in foster care build resilience through art!  This fall, over 50 caring and compassionate individuals will be matched with children who have been placed into the child protective services (CPS) system after removal from their home due to abuse and neglect.  With your generous gift of $1,500.00, you are helping to ensure that these children and their Volunteer Advocates will be able to participate in three Art and Soul events next year.  We look forward to finalizing a date soon so that you can experience firsthand the difference that these funds will make by assisting in an event.  This is work that could not happen without your help to provide art supplies and materials.  In a very real way, you are giving the most vulnerable children in our community a semblance of normalcy through a creative worry-free childhood activity and exposure to positive caring role models.  Thank you for supporting Child Advocates San Antonio and standing up for the children of Bexar County."

Marina J. Gonzales, JD

Chief Executive Officer




“On behalf of children and families of San Antonio and South Texas, we would like to thank the San Antonio Junior Forum for the contribution of $1,000.00 to support The Magik Theatre’s Tickets to Literacy.  Your financial support helps us to fulfill our mission by allowing Magik to provide all children the opportunity to experience live theatre, and nurture a love and understanding of the arts.”

“You not only make it possible for our organization to exist, but together we make the community a great place to live through passionate support of putting into practices our visions; a world in which the arts continue to provide an enriching and stimulating artistic experience that reinforces creativity, strengthens self-esteem and encourages children to love literature and expand their imaginations.”

Frank Villani

Chief Executive Officer

The Magik Theatre



“On behalf of the Down Syndrome Association of South Texas, we would like to thank you for your generous grant award of $500.00 in support of our organization.  We currently provide support to over 1200 individuals with Down syndrome and their families in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

With your contribution, we are able to continue to provide valuable printed material for our new families.  It is passionate and considerate people like you, and the rest of the San Antonio Junior Forum, that make a difference in their lives.”

Heather McFarland

Executive Director

Down Syndrome Association



“On behalf of the staff, clients and Board of Directors of Project MEND, we would like to thank you for your recent donation for our Assistive Technology Reuse and Financial Assistance Programs that support individuals living with disability.   Your support in the amount of $1,000.00 will be used to purchase much-needed tools for our warehouse operation and will help to place refurbished medical equipment into the lives of children and adults in need. Your support means the world to us!

We recognize that this donation represents your generosity and commitment to our community, and we are so grateful.  We appreciate your interest and trust in the mission of Project MEND and our commitment to improving the quality of life for individuals living with disabilities and illness through the refurbishment, reuse and distribution of medical equipment and other assistive technology.”

Cathy Valdez

Executive Director

Project MEND



“On behalf of our courageous cancer patients and survivors, thank you for your grant of $1,200.00 to purchase a washer and dryer.  Your grant helps us continue to provide essential survivorship services for our low-income, uninsured and under-insured clients.

With your help, SLEW Cancer Wellness Center is able to provide much needed cancer survivorship services at no cost to clients, including mental health counseling, patient navigation, case management, lymph drainage therapy, oncology massage therapy, nutritional counseling, exercise and fitness, wigs and hairdressing, mastectomy bras and prostheses, emergency food and clothing, and transportation to and from appointments.  A washer and dryer are essential to our oncology massage therapy, lymph drainage therapy and emergency clothing services and will ease staff’s burden.

As we celebrate 14 years of service to the community, we truly thank the San Antonio Junior Forum for so generously supporting our work.  We couldn’t do it without you!”

Olga Young

Executive Director

SLEW Cancer Wellness Center



“Thank you for making a generous donation of $1,000 to CHRC for the Financial Literacy curriculum.  You are helping impact individuals and families here in San Antonio to become sustainable as well as allowing us to share the good news of Christ with those in need.  Your gifts ensure that CHRC mentors are available to help those who need it the most six days per week through one-on-one mentoring that is dignified, empowering, accountable and full of grace!”

Megan Legacy

Executive Director

SA Christian Hope Resource Center



"On behalf of myself, Executive Director Luke Mickelson, TX-San Antonio Chapter President Eddie Arnold, our Board of Directors, and the children of San Antonio previously sleeping without a bed of their own, we sincerely and humbly thank  you for your grant award of $2,500 November 6, 2020.  Since the award was issued, the TX-San Antonio Chapter has built 217 beds, 14 of those directly from your support."

Jan Spackman

Grants Program Manager

Sleep in Heavenly Peace



"Thank you so much for your support of Magdalena House! The San Antonio Junior Forum's gift of $1,139.97 to Magdalena House will greatly enhance the security of the neighborhood. With the purchase of three solar light fixtures, visibility at night will be improved as our residents come and go from the property.  As you can imagine, the safety and security of our residents is of upmost importance.  Their sense of being at home allows them to fully unlock their potential and change their lives for the better.  Because of you, we are able to make our neighborhood a place where each of our 12 families can begin again."

Rev. Denise Barker

Founder and Executive Director

Magdalena House



"On behalf of the Board of Directors, staff and families at Guardian House, I would like to thank the members of the San Antonio Junior Forum for their generous gift of $1,303.80 to support "Re-energizing our Safe Space" and allowing for the purchase of new lobby furniture".

"Many of the case notes I read begin with circumstances that no child should ever have to endure. Thanks to you, many of those case notes end with the hope of healing, empowerment and growth.  What a difference an advocate makes in the life of a child. What a difference you made as a guardian of Guardian House."

Shannon White

Chief Executive Officer/Chief Clinical Director

Guardian House



"I want to thank you for your support and combined gift of $2,500 during 2020.  The fact that you were still thinking of others during a global pandemic speaks volumes of your character.  Your every act of generosity helps further our mission to create moments of joy, self-expression, and connection with those facing life-altering health challenges. In fact, your gift has helped people like Alexa, a young adult cancer patient, receive weekly virtual art sessions during her treatment".

Constanza Roeder

Founder and CEO

Hearts Need Art:  Creative Support for Patients and Caregivers



"On behalf of the Board of Directors for Prevent Blindness Texas, we thank you and the trustees of the San Antonio Junior Forum for the generous gift of $3,000 to support our Star Pupils Vision Screening and Early Detection Program.  Funds will be used to purchase vision screening toolkits for newly certified children's vision screeners to conduct state-certified vision screens in Bexar County, Texas".

"We greatly appreciate your support and want to assure you that you will positively impact the lives of many medically underserved children in Bexar County, Texas and the Greater San Antonio area".

Heather Patrick

President and CEO

Prevent Blindness Texas



"Thank you so much for funding our 2021 project "Mix It Up and Keep It Hot" for our RMYA Meadowland campus.  Children who live at Meadowland have suffered severe abuse and neglect through no fault of their own. ... The cambros have been a huge help to our staff, especially after the kitchen at the Burdick Community Center was flooded during SNOVID (Winter Storm 2021). ...The cambros have increased the efficiency of delivering dinner to the children and staff in a timely manner. ...This project benefits both the children and staff."tWilliam F. Wilkinson, III

Chief Executive Officer

Roy Maas Youth Alternatives















Thanks from recipients of our Service projects!



In response to "Recipe in a Pot" donation May 2020

Your complassion and generosity, especially during this time, offers hope for our neighbors in need as we continue to serve our clients who are especially vulnerable to the health and economic crisis created by COVID-19.  Your gift will help ensure that individuals and families continue to find the shelter and support they need to begin again.

On behalf of everyone who will be touched by your giving, thank you for renewing their strength and offering hope.  With your support, we will continue to assist our neighbors and navigate through this difficult time together.

Navarra R. Williams

President and CEO



"On behalf of our families and staff here at the Ronald McDonald House Charities, thank you for choosing to support our families with a wonderful dinner!  The families very much enjoyed the yummy Taco potatoes.  Such a great idea on a cold night!  The ice cream was also a Big Hit.  No matter how cold it gets, everyone loves ice cream.  Thank you for choosing a great menu that everyone enjoyed!"

Pat Bivin and RMHCSA staff

Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Antonio, Inc.



"Thank you for your time and help with the 2022 San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo by scanning tickets at the gates.  The weather was hot and cold but you stuck it out with us".

Patti Martin

Customer Relations Director

San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo














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